Wireless Tax

The security and privacy of our customers’ personal information is our priority. For this reason, our website and web platform are developed and designed to be as secure as possible.

Several security levels are implemented :

To begin with, our website is hosted on encrypted servers that are protected by the 256-bit SSL security protocol. As a result, every entered information on our website remains private and confidential.

  • We have a SSL security certificate for encryption mainly for payments and for filling out forms
  • The access to the customers section on our website is also secured. It takes 2 steps to enter it: by login and password confirmed by email or by a single-use secret code sent to you on your personal phone via a text message.

Security via a text message is an online service integrated into our website WirelessTax, which reinforces security whether for: online payments, account creation, or access to protected sessions.

The single-use text message sent to your mobile phone as a security code solution is a powerful, robust, and highly secure authentication system.

The secret code of sending a text message is a security practice increasingly used by the major banks and even by the Canada Revenue Agency.

  • Our development and encryption are secure coding solutions.
  • There are two levels of backup, one for software and another for hardware: Software with a specific module to our development to ensure a permanent SQL copy and permanent backups ensured by the hosting provider.

All files we send and those we depose on your session at our platform are encrypted in a way that ensures a high level of security


Secure Website


Online Filing


Security and Confidentiality

​​For online Payment

Payments are entirely online and made in a secure and certified environment.

All payments will be made on the Global Payments/Desjardins platform. This platform is secure and guarantees the security of your data and your reputation.

Global Payments/Desjardins uses encryption, token creation and 3D Secure 2.0 technology to protect your data.
Your confidential data is stored at Global Payments/Desjardins in a secure PCI DSS V3.2.1 certified environment
For more information, please visit Global Payments/Desjardins (www.globalpaymentsinc.com)