Wireless Tax Platform was created to provide people with 100% online services related to individual income tax. The missions within our accounting office are carried out by professional consultants. Additionally, our platform is way simple to use, fast, efficient and above all secure. Moreover, our tax experts guarantee to boost your tax credits as well as to fasten your refund if necessary.

Wireless Tax ensures that your tax return is reviewed and validated by an experienced team leader specialized in individual income tax with years of tax experience.


We have tried to make the task simple, easy and especially enjoyable
Here are the details of all the easy steps to follow:
1. Sign in and create your profile ;
2. Fill out your Fact Sheet;
3. Screenshot or scan your receipts and tax slips;
4. Put all the necessary tax slips in your file;
5. Sign your consent to give us access to your file
6. Make a payment. Our prices are fixed and our packs are clear;
7. Submit your file once completed;
8. Wait 5 business days for your tax return to be ready;
9. Once your tax return is ready, you will be contacted by one of our consultants. You will only have to approve and sign them electronically. Afterwards, we transmit your return to the tax authorities. During the whole process, we will be available to provide the valuable assistance you need.

Once you have created your account, you can complete your file whenever you’d like to, following your own pace and according to your availability.
It’s always convenient to start filling out the forms and the fact sheet, and to download and submit the prepared tax slips we sent you as soon as you receive them.

Our team at Wireless Tax has prepared a useful reference tool, a checklist, to provide you with all the support you need when submitting the required documents. Our specialists will also conduct a second audit when they doubt the absence of a required sheet or important information. They will certainly contact you to validate everything.

You don’t have to pay any visit to our office

Our platform is designed to provide 100% online and secure services.
All the scanned or screenshotted documents must be uploaded and added to your file on our Wireless Tax online platform.

Once your file is complete and submitted to us, it usually takes 5 business days for your tax return to be ready.

If any information or document is missing during the process of working on your return, a member of our team will contact you to let you know.

We guarantee that your tax return gets double-checked by one of our experts in individual income tax to ensure that you receive all of the tax credits that apply to you and thereby, ensure the accuracy of the tax amounts payable/receivable.

Also, be sure that no return tax will be sent to the tax authorities without your approval.

We will send your tax return electronically (EFILE).

EFILE is an electronic filing service that is secure and certified by both Quebec Revenue and Canada Revenue Agency.

Your consent is required before your tax return is sent to the tax authorities.

  • Faster refunds – EFILE eliminates multiple manual steps, allowing tax authorities to process electronic returns within two to three weeks approximately.
  • Increased accuracy – Before processing the returns, we conduct multiple computational checks as well as checks via computers, to ensure greater accuracy.
  • No paper – There are no sheets to send, EFILE is a paperless and eco-friendly system.
  • We ensure to bring you some peace of mind – We put at your disposal a qualified tax consultant to take care of your tax file.
  • Payment Facility – Individuals can file their tax return in advance, without having to pay the required amount before April 30.

We appreciate that you contact us via email at :

Or by chatting on our website:

However, if necessary, we’ll call you back by phone.

Phone : Greater Montreal : 450-697-0870

Toll-free number: 1-866-298-1866

Be assured that a member of our team will be delighted to assist you, regardless of the means of communication (email, chat, telephone)

Technical Questions

The security and privacy of our customers’ personal information is our number1 concern. Therefore, we have genuinely invested in our website and in our online platform to guarantee that they are as secure as possible. Multiple levels of security are implemented:
– SSL certificate for encryption security mainly at payment and when filling out forms
– Security of the access to the online customer section. 2 steps are required: entering a login and a password confirmed by email/text message on your personal phone
– Secure development and encryption for the coding of solution
– Two levels of backup software and hardware: Software with a specific module related to our development to ensure a permanent SQL copy and backups provided by the hosting provider.
For more details, please check the security section on our website :

We use intuit ProFile Impot, a secure and cutting-edge tax software used by the majority of large accounting firms.
This software enables us to verify accuracy of the results.
In addition, this software is accredited by the Canada Revenue Agency and Agence de Revenu du Québec

Our website is designed to be optimal for computers, tablets or smartphones.

It’s up to you to choose the device that suits you best.

Not at all, you have the option to electronically approve all your forms.
If you have documents to download, simply take photos and add them to your portal.

General Questions 

Our web platform is easy to use and does not require in-depth computer skills nor a profound tax knowledge.

Our web platform is available to any taxpayer who wants their tax return prepared by tax experts without having to leave their house and making appointments. Wireless Tax ensures that its customers take advantage of all the credits available.

Surely, yes. Preparing your tax return will be quicker since certain steps are eliminated, such as mailing and manual processing of documents.
Your refund, if you’re legit to get it, will also be received quicker.
In such a situation of a pandemic (Covid-19) that we’ve been, unfortunately, going through, sending documents via the Internet and without having to leave your house is the most effective way to avoid contact and to stay safe.

Our Web Platform, Wireless Tax is a fast and secure professional service.
Expert tax consultants work on processing your tax return in order to boost the tax credit required.
You no longer have to make an appointment with an accountant and go to an accounting office: Every step is done online.
During the pandemic (Covid-19) we’ve been facing, transmitting documents is the safest and most effective way to avoid contact.
You can complete your file at your own pace and in the comfort of your home.
You will have access to your file and your online tax return at any given time.

The first document to sign is an authorization in order to allow us to be your online representative with the tax authorities (Canada Revenue Agency and Agence de Revenu Québec)
Another document to be signed is an authorization to transmit your income tax return electronically to the tax authorities (Canada Revenue Agency and Agence de Revenu Québec)
When using our online platform or going to an accounting office, you will be required to sign certain documents. It is a requirement made by the tax authorities.

The deadline for submitting your tax return is set by the tax authority to be on April 30th.
Example: For 2021 fiscal year, the deadline to send your tax return is April 30, 2022.
However, if this date has passed, you still could send your tax return, but penalties and interest on your remaining tax owing would be included.

At the Federal level, there is the Canada Revenue Agency
Visit the Canada Revenue Agency’s website

If you are in Quebec, we have two levels of tax authorities. Besides the Canada Revenue Agency, there is the Quebec Revenue Agency.

You can visit the Quebec Revenue Agency’s website :

Rates and Refund

This precise date is out of our control, because it depends on the time the tax authorities take to process your file.
But usually, once your income tax return is submitted electronically to the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Québec, it takes two to three weeks after that date to receive your refund if it exists.

Once the process is completed and approved, payment can only be made by a credit card. A secure service will be available to assist you during your payment.

Online payments are entirely secure and made in a certified environment.

Prices are reasonably established according to your situation.
Our prices are fixed and our packs are clear from the start. You will not be surprised afterwards.
You can consult our rates and our packs in the prices section on website or via this link :