Who are we ?

Wireless Tax is an accounting office that specializes in individual income tax. Our team is composed of professional consultants who have several years of experience in working on Canadian taxation.

We are the expert consultants in individual income tax. We pay a lot of attention to our clients’ files to offer them a high-quality service. We also aim to help our customers benefiting from as many tax credits and deductions as possible, in order to maximize their refunds.

Our Mission

Our main purpose is to support and help our clients achieve their tax expectations and goals, while building a long-lasting relationship with them based on our values and the excellence of our services.

Our Values





Security And Confidentiality

Customer Satisfaction

Why choose our services?

By trusting the specialists and the experts of Wireless Tax, you can be assured that you pay just your fair share of taxes and you benefit from all the possible credits and deductions. Applying their expertise, our consultants make sure that your hard work during the whole year gets paid off.

We meet and respect the rules we set in order to provide you with accurate tax preparation services. Therefore, we assure that:

  • Your Files get treated by specialists and experts in Individual Income Tax
  • We guarantee the confidentiality and the protection to your personal data
  • Our website and platform are highly secure
  • You can complete your file and file tax slips and receipts at your own pace and according to your availability
  • We handle your file online, so you don’t need to schedule appointments
  • Our agents offer a fast processing of your file. A senior team leader with several years of tax preparation experience double-checks your file before its transmission.
  • We offer you a very good consulting service.
  • We take in charge transmitting your tax return to the tax authorities electronically
  • Our prices are ultimately considerable, fair and clear